4 Pin EPS Extension

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$9.99$12.99 exc Vat

*To be used only for motherboard

For custom lengths, please contact our live chat for quotation


Cable Comb * 

Check if your color is in stock here: https://goo.gl/lumGPN

Motherboard Model



4 Pin EPS Extension

Custom made 4 Pin EPS Extension from modguru is made of high quality products and are 100% customizable

To check out all the available colors check this link: (Available if there is more than 7 in stock) http://modguru.net/product-category/cable-sleeving/guru-sleeving/ If you have chosen any colors that are not available we will contact you with further information. A custom extention by modguru All of our custom extentions are handmade with our Guru 18awg Wire and our Guru Sleeving. Unlike some other extentions these are handmade and are not massproduces.

How to order your custom extension

1) First you will need to find the correct lenght of the extension, you can find that by measuring the pathway of where the extension will go. Here is some predone measurings for somecases : (NZXT H440: 20CM) 2) Secondly you will need to find your correct color scheme, we often use a handy website (http://choosemypc.net/sleeving/) to find the color scheme for our cables. 3) Step number three is to decide if you want rounded cable or straight cable. Round cable basicly means that your cable curve naturally. This makes your cable look good when it curves. Straight cable is a normal straight cable 4) Now you will need to decide if you want to use cable combs or not. Cable combs makes your cable look even better by managing them easier 5) Last and the easiest to answer is to write down your motherboard model and brand. This makes our job easier to complete.


What are Guru extensions?

Our Guru extentions are one of the best quality sleeved extentions available. We use high quality sleeving, connectors and 18awg wire

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Weight 0.047 kg
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 5 cm

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